1.    Basis of Contract

1.1 Our terms and conditions apply to all – including future – agreements, deliveries and services including consultations and any other support. Excluded are differing conditions of the customer. Agreements are binding only with our written confirmation.
1.2 Information contained in brochures, catalogues, circulars, advertisements, price lists or belonging to the offer documents, drawings, illustrations, technical data, weights, dimensions and performance are approximate industry standard, unless they are specially stated in the contract not to be. Any model changes or modifications are reserved.
1.3 The data on partner enterprises in our records are used exclusively for business purposes and are processed only in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as: the Regulation) and the Personal Data Protection Act.
1.4 Allowed are partial deliveries, if they are reasonable for the customer and supplier.

1.5 There are never respected third parties rights. The assignment of rights and claims to third parties requires our prior written consent.

1.6 If any article of these terms and any further agreement is or becomes invalid, such invalidity shall not affect the rest of the articles and parties of the contract.

2.    Prices

2.1 All prices are ex works based, without loading. For separate deliveries and deliveries under 2000, - € we add the shipping costs. Where necessary, we preserve the right to add additional expenses for packaging / transport protection, oversized weights, dimensions, lengths, height, angled and curved design products.
2.2 Unless prices on the day of delivery are listed as present, calculated prices, the valid prices are those from the current price list. If there are significant cost increases, for example, wages, input material or freight, the preserve the right to adjust our prices appropriately according to influence of the increased costs.
3.    Terms of payment

3.1 The invoices are to be paid, independently of the receipt of the goods and any defects within 30 days of the issue date of the invoice. All payments are always credited first to interest and costs and then to our oldest claims without regard to other dispositions of payment of the customer.
3.2 We do not permit the withholding of payments. Buyer is entitled to withhold the payment that it is based on the same contractual relationship. Withholding the payment is allowed only on a base of legally issued and confirmed claims. We allow cash discount only in case of exact fulfilment of all liabilities from past and present, including those from other contracts and for payments done on exact date.
3.3 In the event of late payments, we have the right to charge buyer for interest in accordance with the respective bank rates for short-term loans or at least 8%. Given points of above base rate are to be accepted without prejudice to any claims. The right to prove minor damage is allowed to the buyer.
3.4 Our claims are payable regardless of the duration of any changes or circumstances that are likely to reduce the creditworthiness of the customer. In case of credit problems of the buyer, without prejudice to other rights we may still execute outstanding deliveries against advance payment, as well - without withdrawing – prohibit the sale and use of reserved goods, revoke the authorization to sale our products and at the expense of the buyer return the goods. Returned goods can be used for sale and after deducting all expenses, the amount can be used for customer obligation closure.
3.5 Our claim for damages for non-performance is at least 30% of the customer purchase prices without claim of evidence or proof of a damage to the purchaser. Customer is entitled to prove lower damages if they are by significantly than the issues claim.

4.    Ownership of the sold products and legal forms of the same

4.1 All our goods are reserved goods and remain our property until all our demands, including demands for balance and interests are fulfilled.
4.2 In case of processing, combining or mixing of the reserved goods with other goods ownership is a combination and proportion to total invoice value of the goods to the invoice value of other goods.
4.3 The Purchaser shall sell the reserved goods as ordinary business as long as he complies with the terms of payment and transfer the payments to us.
4.4 The right of reserved goods is incorporated also to the real estate values / ground or buildings / together with associated equipment for the business use by Purchaser or any other agreements of the same.
4.5 The claims to the Purchaser from the reserved goods, respecting and including all current accounts must be assigned as the value of the total reserved goods to us. With the resale of goods in which we have co-ownership, always there is to respect the transfer of amount in the height of our ownership.
4.6 The buyer may collect goods until revoked for any reason, especially for late payments, from the seller that is entitled to revoke the collection at any time. At our request, of the event of cancellation, buyer can inform his customers immediately and in case of direct transfer of payment on behalf of documentation, the goods can be collected.
4.7 As far as damage, reduction, loss or destruction of reserved goods or for any other reason the claims to insurer or other third parties, the rights must be given in advance to us.
4.8 The customer is obliged to inform us immediately for seizure, confiscation, other disposals or interventions by third parties with respect to all the goods.
4.9 Rights from the reserved good remained in all the aforementioned forms until complete contingent of liabilities that we have made to the customer is resolved and fulfilled.
5.    Place of performance and jurisdiction

5.1 The place of performance for our deliveries is considered Celje.
5.2 The sole jurisdiction, in any case if customer is a trader, directly or indirectly dealing with our goods, all the contract disputes arising from contract are resolved in Celje. However, we are also entitled to sue the buyer in its location.
5.3 The Slovenian law is applicable under the exclusion of the law on the International Sale of Goods.


6.    Delivery time

6.1 The delivery period is given only on an approximate base. Dates and deadlines apply to the notification of dispatch from us. Extend delivery terms without prejudice are allowed in the period during which the purchaser's obligations – also from other contracts – do not meet the agreed terms. Partial deliveries are allowed any time.

6.2 When the delivery time for any orders are not meet by buyer – to take the ready goods - we are entitled to store the goods at the expense and risk of the buyer.

6.3 In case of delay of the buyer a compensation to us for each full week of delay a 0.5% of order value is applicable. In total, a maximum of 5% of the order value is allowed.

6.4 Compensation claims by the buyer due to delayed delivery and claims for damages on performance of the goods the above article no.: 3 is excluded. This does not apply if liability is mandatory in cases of intent, gross negligence, or injury of life, body or health. Cancellation by the buyer in accordance with statutory provisions is possible only if we cause the delivery delay. A change of proof of determination of delay cause to the buyer is not connected with the above regulations.

6.5 The buyer is obliged at our request to declare within a reasonable period whether he will, due to the delay in delivery of the order insist on contract delivery or he will retreat from his order.

6.6 Delivery date - date for collection or delivery of goods - are to be collected immediately. Otherwise, we can store the goods at the expense and risk of the buyer. If the goods are not taken immediately, we are entitled to charge to the customer for each month a storage fee of 0.5% of the price of the ordered goods delivery for every week, but to the extent of a maximum of 5%. The proof of higher or lower storage costs to both parties is allowed.

6.7 All unforeseen and extraordinary events, in particular strikes, lockouts, the scrap of important working half materials, breakdowns and similar events that are not our responsibility, or of our suppliers, releases us for any claim or for any contractually agreed delivery obligations. However, we are obliged to provide to the buyer a notification when immediately the redelivery is possible again.

7.    Transfer of risk and acceptance

7.1 The risk passes to the buyer when the goods have been shipped or picked up for shipment. Transport damages are to be confirmed by the carrier in writing receipt of the goods. Otherwise, we can reject the claims.
7.2 If the shipment is to the buyer reasons delayed, or if the buyer has otherwise failed to accept delivery, the risk shall pass to the buyer anyway.
7.3 The buyer shall and must wait and unload the shipment if informed of the same, otherwise we execute it at our decision. Unloading, stacking and storing will be done at the expense and risk of the buyer. Waiting times are charged at buyer expense. Transport damages are to be confirmed by the carrier in writing at the receipt of the goods.
The buyer cannot refuse to accept deliveries due to minor defects.
8.    Defects, claims

8.1 If the delivered goods are subject to the warranty claim within warranty period, defect or the cause of which the goods has been damaged and claims has been checked and confirmed by us, will be solved by us. We can resolve claims of the goods to our option by repair - where two attempts are agreed - or by replacement. Warranty obligations shall be settled by replacing the defective product, which must be returned for testing accompanied by description of the defect or the foreseen defect. Any reimbursement of costs, damages or indemnities are excluded. We do the resolvement within a reasonable period, which is for the first solution within the length of the original delivery time. This is respected as reasonable.

8.2 The warranty period is 1 to 5 years, depending on the product. This does not apply if the law considers longer periods as well as in cases of injury of life, body or health, intentional or grossly negligent at normal use of goods.
8.3 Defects or claims must be reported immediately in writing by the buyer, latest within 8 days after goods reception.
8.4 The buyer may withhold payments only if a complaint is made, of which the justification there can be no doubt and we have confirmed it. Payments may be withheld only to the extent that is reasonable in relation to the defects occurred. If we did not confirm the complaint, we are entitled to demand all the arising costs from the subjects from the buyer.
8.5 It is appropriate to grant us the opportunity to react within a reasonable time. If the buyer or our authorized agent has not enough time or opportunity to inform us, or he made permission for replacement or repairs on his own, we are excluded from liability and costs.
Confirmed scope of repair work from us are in any case prior to their execution agreed with us. The costs covered by us in the repair or replacement of the goods are replacement goods, including shipping, and the reasonable cost of removal and reinstallation.
Excluded cost are cost increases that are based on delivery of goods to a place other than the place of delivery (shipping address). Furthermore, the buyer shall pay these additional costs. We confirm that no liability for damages arising from the following reasons will be covered: inappropriate or improper use, faulty installation or commissioning by the buyer or third parties, natural wear and tear, faulty or negligent treatment, unsuitable equipment and replacement materials, defective construction work, unsuitable foundations, chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences, considering they are not due to our fault. The same applies to modifications or repairs undertaken by the buyer or third parties that are made improperly, without our prior agreement.
8.6 If we are unwilling or unable to repair or replace the goods, especially if this is delayed beyond a reasonable period for reasons that we are responsible for, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract or at least to reduce his obligation to us for appropriate value.
8.7 The warranty does not include minor deviation from the agreed quality, of only minor impairment of usability, or natural wear and tear.
8.8 Excluded are also claims arising out of the purpose of performance, particularly transport, travel, labour and material costs, unless the expenses are agreed upfront and the exact use of goods is in accordance with its intended use.
9.    Compensation claims

9.1 Excluded are any damages and repayments of expenses from warranty claims by the buyer, for whatever legal reason, if the defect has been occurred by inappropriate, un allowed use or even out of obligation performance lackage from the buyer.
9.2 This does not apply, when mandatory liability applies, f.e. EU Product Liability Law, in case of intent, gross negligence or injury of life, body or health, or not respecting of essential contractual obligations. In the event of not respecting the essential contractual obligation of contract, the claim for damages are limited to the typical, foreseeable damage, unless caused by intent or gross negligence or life hazardous actions and health liability.
9.3 These damages / compensation of expenses claimed by the buyer shall elapse with legal limitations for defects claims on our goods. Claims for damages under the EU Product Liability Law, the law conditions are valid to apply.
9.4 The exclusion of compensation claims covers also consequential damage resulting from faulty software and data sets.

10. Presentation

10.1,,, are websites under management of the company BIAL, d.o.o., Trnoveljska cesta 2G, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia.

10.2 The data collected on these websites about activities, sales programme, product description and third parties were prepared precisely and diligently. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that errors occurred while entering the content or on the website, for which we apologise to the visitors of the website.

10.3 If you notice an error, we kindly ask that you draw our attention to it at the e-mail address .

11. Table of Content

11.1 All content located on the website is of informative nature and is intended for information purposes only. The website owner undertakes to do everything in his power to ensure that the information on the website is true, reliable and of high quality. However, by doing so, it does not make him responsible for any typing errors and for the delays and shortcomings in entering up-to-date information.

12. Inquiries / Orders

12.1 An inquiry/order may be submitted via the internet, namely every day from 12 AM to 12 PM.

12.2 The time to process, transfer and deliver the consignment is specified for each individual product by a delivery code (A, B, C), which is listed in the BIAL product price list. Orders received on a Saturday, Sunday or on a national holiday shall be processed the first following business day.

13. Procedure of making an inquiry/purchase

13.1 To make an inquiry/purchase in our online store or or, is simple and comfortable. The inquiry and purchase, and the display of products are simple, as you can use the configurator to find the product you want.

13.2 When you select a product you are inquiring about, click "Continue" and continue your inquiry/purchase with Step 2. When your inquiry/order contains the desired number of items, fill out the form for inquiry/purchase.

13.3 BIAL shall consider received inquiries/orders as irrevocable. With each inquiry/order, you will receive confirmation of the inquiry/order by e-mail, or a notice that the inquiry/order is being processed. In the event of an error during purchase, the customer can simply edit, replace the item or cancel the inquiry/purchase.

13.4 It is possible to pay through a pro-forma invoice after the offer was issued by BIAL or its partner.

13.5 Purchase process steps:
Step 1 > Selection of products in the configurator. Select the product you wish to purchase in the configurator and click "Continue”  
Step 2 > Review of ordered products and the option of adding after-sales services
Step 3 > Entry of data on the customer - payer and the confirmation of the inquiry/order
Step 4 > Confirmation of a successfully submitted inquiry/order shall be received at the registered e-mail address.

13.6 Payment methods. The provider enables the following payment methods; Payment by pro forma invoice (The customer is sent an offer through the electronic message through which the customer settles his purchase. We shall deliver the ordered goods immediately after we receive the transfer to our bank account.)

14. Prices

14.1 All prices in the online store are in euros and include VAT (value added tax). Current prices apply to all orders. When purchasing, we will consider the price valid at the time of the payment confirmation.

14.2 Currently quoted product prices apply, which can be changed without prior notice.

15. Delivery of goods

15.1 If the customer and BIAL also agree on the deliver of goods during the sales process, the latter shall be delivered by a package delivery of the Post Office or any other company engaged in package delivery.

15.2 Personal takeover; you may also take over the goods in person at the address of our company: BIAL, d.o.o., Trnoveljska cesta 2G SI-3000 Celje. Personal takeover is possible during the working hours of the company. In addition to the takeover of ordered goods at the delivery point, you may also take advantage of talking to our experts who shall be happy to advise you on all your questions in the field of installation, use and other information.

15.3 Withdrawal from the purchase and the return of goods; in compliance with Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Act, the customer may, within 14 days of receipt of the goods, inform the supplier of the withdrawal from the contract or order in writing, namely to the e-mail address . The customer has the right within 14 days of receipt of goods to inform the company of the withdrawal from the contract without being required to state a reason for its decision. It is considered that the notice of withdrawal from the order is timely if it is sent in writing within 14 days following the receipt of goods. The only cost charged to the consumer in respect of withdrawal from the contract, is the direct cost of returning the goods. The latter must be returned to the company no later than within 14 days following the receipt of the goods.

15.4 In case of withdrawal from the contract, the company shall return all payments received immediately or no later than within 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract. A company shall return received payments using the same payment method as used by the consumer, unless the consumer explicitly requested the use of another means of payment and if the consumer does not bear any costs due to this.

15.5 Upon return of the goods it is mandatory to also attach a copy of the original invoice. The form for return of goods can be downloaded at the following link: Return form

15.6 Address for returning the goods: BIAL, d.o.o., Trnoveljska cesta 2G, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia.

16. Warranty and complaints and return/replacement of products

16.1 All products are inspected prior to shipping and are shipped undamaged. Your products shall be packed carefully in a delivery box in order to get to you undamaged and in original packaging.

16.2 The customer can lodge a complaint about the goods if the goods do not have the properties that the seller promised explicitly, if the seller sent the wrong products, in the wrong quantity, colour or they otherwise differ from the customer's order.

16.3 In case of complaint, the customer may, in accordance with statutory restrictions, require the replacement of the item, its repair or refund of the purchase price. In the latter case, the seller reserves the right to charge rent according to the current price list, for the time that the customer was using the goods, but not exceeding the amount, for which the item’s market value has been reduced, at the time of and due to its use.

16.4 The customer may return the goods under a complaint by delivering it personally, or at the expense of the seller and upon prior agreement with the seller returning it by mail to the seller's address.

16.5 In compliance with Article 37 of the Consumer Protection Act, the customer is entitled, in the event of a defect in the product to require the company to replace the defective product with a new flawless product or to refund the amount paid or to remedy the defect on the product or return part of the amount paid in proportion to the defect.

16.6 The time limit to replace the products is 14 days. The replacement of products is possible only upon submission of an invoice or copies of the invoice.

17. Material defects

17.1 The consumer may exercise their rights in terms of material defect, if they inform the seller of the defect within two months from the day the defect was discovered. In the notification of defect, the consumer must describe the defect in detail and enable the seller to examine the product. The notification of defect can be communicated by the consumer to the seller in person, whereof the seller must issue a certification, or send it to the store where the product was purchased, or to the seller’s agent with whom the contract was concluded.

17.2 The seller is not liable for material defects on goods that appear after two years have elapsed since the product was delivered. It is considered that the defect on the item existed at the time of delivery if it occurred within six months of the delivery. The consumer's rights referred to in the first paragraph are subject to extinction after the lapse of two years from the date on which the seller was informed of the material defect.

18. Dispute settlement

18.1 The court in Celje has jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising.

18.2 Out-of-court settlement of disputes; in compliance with general terms and conditions of use of electronic communications services, the company BIAL does not recognise any provided of out-of-court dispute settlement to be competent for settling a consumer dispute, which was initiated by a private user in compliance with the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes Act.

18.3 On its website BIAL publishes an electronic link to the platform for online settlement of consumer disputes (SRPS). The platform is available at the electronic link

18.4 The regulation arises from the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes Act and the Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes.

19. Security

19.1 Privacy and protection of data; BIAL undertakes to protect your privacy. All personal information of the online store user is confidential and will in no case be forwarded to unauthorised persons.

19.2 You can visit most of the pages in our online store without having to disclose your personal information, such as your name, address and e-mail address. Nevertheless, some information is obtained automatically by using cookies and web beacons ("pixel tags”), standard tools in the web industry. The use of cookies and web beacons allows us to recognise your IP address, type of browser you are using, and your general activity online.
19.3 For inquiries/purchase in our online store we need your personal information. The information that you provide to us shall not be disclosed to third parties, except for the purposes of confirmation of validity of the purchase with a payment card, delivery of products, marketing and promotion. BIAL implements all necessary measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data.

19.4 You can view, edit, or delete your personal information, and you can also unsubscribe from receiving news. Please send an e-mail saying you do not want to receive news, to the address
19.5 The user himself or herself is also responsible for the protection of personal data, namely by ensuring the security of their user name and password, and the appropriate software (antivirus) protection of their computer.

19.6 Use of cookies; on the website we use cookie technology, which enables us to track users’ paths through the website, registration of user activities on this site, and to evaluate and improve the website in order to make it as user-friendly as possible. You can set up your web browser by turning off the cookie option, or by alerting you when cookies are sent.

19.7 We provide consent notification on the website and we inform the user about the options of cookie settings accordingly. Without express consent we do not use cookies on the website which requires user consent for installation. We provide the possibility of subsequent changes to the user's consent by keeping the notice in a visible place on the website.

19.8 Types of cookies, their purpose and duration; cookies are small files uploaded to your computer. The website uses cookies, which are defined hereinafter:

Name of the cookie
Purpose of the cookie
Piwik Analytics
Statistics of site views.
Until deletion of the user or 36 months from the website visit

19.9 All browsers enable control over cookies. Access to cookies settings in a selected browser is described below:
•    Microsoft Internet Explorer: Start button > Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings
•    Mozilla Firefox: Firefox menu > Preferences > Privacy
•    Google Chrome: Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies
•    Apple Safari: Safari > Preferences > Security
•    Opera: Opera > Preferences > Advanced > Network

19.10 In the event that you upgrade your browser or device with a new version, the cookie setting must be re-edited.

19.11 Temporary disablement of web cookies; the fastest and easiest way to prevent online cookies from being stored on all web browsers is to use the "private window”. Private browsing namely allows us to visit the web without the web browser storing any information about the pages we have visited.

19.12 Personal data/user data; personal data is any data that relates to an individual: name, surname, age, address, e-mail address, telephone number and similar information.

19.13 The information provided to the website owner via the website will be used exclusively by the website owner for the purpose of promotion or the activity of the BIAL company.

19.14 In accordance with the nature of such information, the website owner is making its best effort to ensure the secure collection, transmission and storage of personal data. The website owner shall not forward your personal information to third parties, either legal entities or natural persons other than the companies that ensure the functioning of websites. You can exercise the right of access, to rectification or revocation of authorisation to use your personal data at any time.

19.15 The website also contains links to third-party websites. BIAL assumes no responsibility for respecting privacy and content on these websites or pages.

19.16 Controller; data controller within the meaning as defined by the EU General Data Protection Regulation and applicable law regulating personal data protection - GDPR, is: BIAL, d.o.o., Trnoveljska cesta 2G SI-3000 Celje, e-mail:

19.17 Personal data processing; personal data is also processed by our processors, which are trustworthy companies that are registered for their activity and ensure the adequate level of personal data protection. The processors process your personal data according to our instructions and solely on our behalf.

19.18 The processing of personal data means any activity performed in connection with personal data, in particular the collection, acquisition, subscription, editing, storage and adjustment or modification, recall, insight, use, disclosure by transmission, communication, dissemination or other making available, classification or association, blocking, anonymisation, deletion or destruction. The processing may be manual or automated.

19.20 The type, base and method of processing your personal data in particularly depends on the purpose for which your data is processed.

20. Processing of personal data for information purposes

20.1 The consent to receive electronic news on current content and other events of our company applies until revoked and includes:
•    using data to send periodical e-News on current news
•    promotion of discounted items and the offer of special benefits
•    presentation of new products and solutions
•    using data to periodically send other content, such as event reports (fairs, invitations ... etc.)

21. Privacy policy

21.1 In certain places of the websites and and, the company BIAL collects some personal data of users, exclusively at that time when users themselves allow or consent to it through various contact forms on the website.

21.2 By completing the application form for e-News, users agree to sign up to receive e-News.

21.3 The company diligently protects user’s personal data, which means that:
•    it shall not abuse the personal data of users in any way
•    personal data shall not be forwarded to unauthorised third parties
•    users may at any time unsubscribe from receiving any e-mails of the company

22. Time of retention of personal data

22.1 The company stores the obtained personal data for as long as necessary for the purposes of sending the contents to which you applied or subscribed, or until revocation of retention of personal data by the user. The user may at any time by written notice to the company’s address or via e-mail request that the company permanently or temporarily ceases to use his or her personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.

23. Your rights

23.1 A person may at any time unsubscribe from receiving news, namely by clicking on the marked link in the received e-mail. A person may at any time request from the data controller to permanently or temporarily discontinue the use of its personal data for the above stated purposes. Such request may at any time be addressed to the e-mail address, and specifies in detail which consents they wish to revoke.

23.2 In addition, they also have the following rights:
•    the right of access to their personal data collected that concern him or her, whereby the controller may use all reasonable means to verify the identity of the individual whose personal data are these, in particular, in the event of online services and web identifiers
•    the right to rectification of inaccurate personal data collected that concern him or her, whereby the controller may use all reasonable means to verify the identity of the individual whose personal data these are, in particular, in the event of online services and web identifiers
•    the right to be "forgotten”, thus the deletion of all data if the requirements under Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation are met
•    the right to lodge an appeal against the data controller with the supervisory authority if he or she considers that the processing of his or her personal data is in breach of the General Data Protection Regulation.

24. Procedure for exercising rights

24.1 All of the above stated requirements regarding the exercise of rights in connection with personal data can be addressed in writing to the controller at the e-mail address

24.2 The controller may for the needs of reliable identification, in case of exercising rights related to personal data, request additional information from the user, and may refuse to act only if it proves that the user cannot be reliably identified.

24.3 The controller must respond to the user’s request by which he or she exercises his or her rights related to the above stated personal data, without undue delay and no later than one month after the receipt of the request.

25. Copyrights, industrial property and intellectual property

25.1 The design of this website and all its content are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. The information, texts, images or other graphical elements that can be found on this website, may be used solely for your personal, non-commercial use and you may not, in whole or in part, reproduce, modify, distribute, license or issue it in a form of publications for whatever purpose, other than viewing, without prior written consent of the owner.

26. Notice on copyrights, industrial property and intellectual property

26.1 Presentation and all content of this website (including the website code) is protected by industrial and intellectual property rights. The information, text, images, code and graphic material contained in this site may only be used for private, non-commercial use and may not be reproduced, altered, transmitted, approved or published in whole or in any part thereof for whatever purpose without prior written consent of the company of the website owner, except for viewing purposes.

26.1 Limiting the use of images on websites; the website owner takes into account the nature of the Internet as a media for the exchange of information and allows individuals to reproduce images from the owner's website based on a request sent to the website administrator to the e-mail address

27. Limitation of responsibility

27.1 The website owner expressly disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other damage that may arise as a result of or is in any way related to your access to or use of the owner’s website, including, but not limited to any loss or damage, resulting from the operation of computer viruses or your reliance on information obtained through the owner's website.

28. Updating the terms of use, publishing changes

28.1 The website owner reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions without prior notice. Changes begin to apply immediately when published.

28.2 Any changes to our personal data protection policy will be published in this personal data protection statement, and major changes also on the entry page of our websites and other relevant sites.

28.3 Contact: BIAL, d.o.o., Trnoveljska cesta 2G, SI-3000 Celje, Slovenia, e-mail:

Updated: May 2018